Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

RSI is a world leader in producing products, training and resources that manage, control and reduce the expense of communication facilities resulting in a more dynamic, responsive and productive communication ecosystem. The company offers a broad range of solutions including cloud collaboration management, call accounting, hotel billing, AI/Bot & CRM integrations, call center reporting, and emergency notification.

RSI offers solutions in the RingCentral AppGallery that measure, monitor and manage the effectiveness of communication facilities to empower greater productivity for every enterprise!

Shadow CMS Enterprise for RingCentral

Shadow CMS Enterprise enables organizations to unify communication facilities under one umbrella and consolidate communication metrics to effectively manage their entire ecosystem. The system will empower productivity, pinpoint bottlenecks, and suspicious activity, formulate migration strategies and control telecom spend. Modules include call accounting, traffic analysis, ad hoc reporting and real-time event notification for RingCentral metrics.

Shadow OSN Onsite Notification for RingCentral

Shadow OSN Onsite Notification for RingCentral offers real-time location information to first respondents allowing them to quickly locate the individual that made the call. When we are in the workplace place we often take for granted a high level of safety and security. However, many organizations are ill-equipped to respond to a 911 emergency. Would you know where to direct emergency personnel if they showed up at your reception desk after a 911 call?